Rocket Captain Jarwo

Jarwo Meroket


Rocket Captain Jarwo

Jarwo is figures animated from indonesia were very famous and liked by many people because funny acting and interesting. In this game he stuck in a wooden crossing where he must return to his home by of jumping to the top of the rocket that will hit from the opposite direction. He must be smart and clever in jumping to run throught all the rockets were going to hit. More rockets in throught it more also earned points or distanced. and be the farthest..

Karakter Rocket Captain Jarwo

Bos Jarwo

Bos Jarwo adalah tokoh yang suka menyuruh sopo pekerjaannya.


Sopo adalah karakter yang sering disuruh-suruh oleh Bos Jarwo.


Adit adalah karakter anak yang baik hatinya dan suka menolong.


Rocket disini berrfungsi untuk membantu karakter terbang melewati rintangan.

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